Our Family Helping Your Family

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A Family Friend for Seniors, LLC 

is a family-owned business located in Longwood, FL.

Roslyn and Michael Smyth have been married 16 years and have lived in the Orlando area since 1995.   When you call A Family Friend you will not be getting a representative, you work directly with Roslyn and Michael to manage your needs.  They are excited to use their skills, experience, and knowledge to assist Central Florida residents with 

smooth life transitions.    

About the Owners:

Meet Roslyn...

Roslyn is a caring individual who enjoys the opportunity to assist seniors in her community with their transition using her skills in organization, efficiency, and prioritizing.  Her Business Management Degree and background in Training reinforced her love of working with people as a lifetime mission.  Serving as a Licensed Massage Therapist for Hospice patients and seniors created the vision of her ability to aid those in transition.   Her gentle approach and organizational skills combine to make her a wonderful Family Friend to serve your family.

Meet Michael​...

Michael possesses a great attention to detail and a desire to do things right. These attributes served him well while working in the quality control industry for ten years.  His love of helping others grew as an elementary school teacher, strengthening his patience, organization, and concern for the welfare of others.  His additional experience in the moving industry will provide knowledge and direction to your unique situation.  Michael's skill set and compassion for helping others will be a valuable asset to your move, making him a great Family Friend for your transition.